VR for Real Estate

Interactive channel for sales of real estate projects with virtual and augmented reality experience

Explore through the Virtual Reality headset because virtual tour becomes different when you put on the Byscope headset, because it takes over your peripheral vision, and it really feels like you’re walking around inside.

Gizingle is now offering the most advanced VR tool for real estate sector. Years of research and development have made it possible for us to offer the best VR solution for this sector.

Byscope Real Estate is the most innovative platform-catalog of real estate projects for property developers and architectural firms.


  • Project demonstration in 3D and virtual reality;
  • Project demonstration in augmented reality using any number of dynamic markers (business cards, catalogs, posters, etc.)
  • Project demonstration on-site using GPS;
  • Exterior and interior viewing of buildings;
  • Viewing of 360 panoramas in static and virtual reality modes;
  • Instant booking of apartments and customer feedback;

Support iPhone, iPad, Android, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard and Byscope.

Gizinlge virtual reality headset  will allow apartment-hunters to view their future home’s pre-construction in more detail, in an immersive environment where they can interact and feel their future home so many months before the possession.

The idea is to provide the most immersive experience possible, We are tricking brain of your clients to make them believe they’re somewhere else. Using the headset, buyers can “walk through” an apartment at their own pace with the aid of a VR headset. Users can poke around the apartment, open doors and even lean out the window to check out the view.

We are looking for Real Estate Companies who want to boost their sales process, We can help those companies who would like to setup their interactive sales channel in various cities or at various areas in city. Please contact us and drop a details of your requirement.