Virtual Reality in Education

Byscope in the classroom: Immersive education’s next level

Imagine, instead of pens and paper, students are sitting with specially adapted VR headsets that drop them into a fascinating, immersive, educational experience that allowed them to interact naturally using natural hand gestures.

Gizingle VR for education offer solutions for schools and universities with that goal (to enrich the learning experience) in mind, We are now looking for those school who has history of adopting progressive technologies that allow them to focus on the needs of their students and explore new and interesting ways to teach.

Think about it. Which student won’t look forward towards learning when they can do so by interacting? In short, learning your history class can become one of the most compelling experience ever.

At Gizingle, we are working hard to push VR education further

  • Virtual Reality lab installations in school where students can learn and interact with their syllabus in an immersive and educational experience.
  • VR applications based on the CBSE, ICSE and ISC based curriculum.
  • Lab consist of desktop/laptop and VR headset Byscope, system powered by normal syllabus converted into VR.

If you would like see the demo in your school please contact us using the form below :