Byscope for School/Universties

Every summer, thousands of students will set out to visit the colleges where they hope to spend four (or more) years pursuing a higher education.

But by using our solution, future undergrads won’t need to travel any farther than their guidance counselors’ offices to tour campuses.

Gizingle is using the Byscope headset to make virtual campus tours more realistic, immersive, and helpful. Previously, We develop and bring immersive tours to bring school/universities campuses to life via the high-tech VR headsets.

What is VR headsets (Byscope) ?

For the uninitiated, Byscope is a headset you place over your eyes to help you navigate through virtual worlds. The image follows your gaze as you turn your head, allowing you to become immersed in a wholly digital environment.


Byscope’s School Universities Virtual Tour

School/universities will basically take Byscope on the road with them, bringing it to events where they meet with prospective students, Institution may use the Byscope as a prop in their presentations to students. In some cases they may set up a station on campus so potential attendees can tour parts of the campus that are otherwise off limits. In other situations, they’ll hold events at schools, allowing both parents and students to get a more realistic feel for the universities’ facilities.